Cost of Living as a Family with Working Parents in Texas 2023

Living in Texas: A Great Place for Families

Cost of Living in Texas

One of the main attractions of Texas is its low cost of living. Compared to other big cities in the United States, Texas offers a range of affordable housing options, utilities, and groceries.

The median home value in Texas is $196,100, while the average cost of renting a home is $1,458 per month. Utilities are relatively inexpensive, with the average electricity bill costing around $143 per month, while the monthly cost for natural gas is around $33.

Grocery costs vary depending on the city and region you’re in, but generally it’s cheaper to buy groceries in Texas compared to other big cities. According to, a family of four should expect to spend around $500 – $800 per month on groceries.

In terms of childcare and education, Texas offers a range of options. The average cost of a private preschool in Texas is around $7,700 per year, while public preschools are free.

Reasons for Moving to Texas

Besides its low cost of living, there are many other reasons why families choose to move to Texas. One of the biggest factors is the job market. Texas’ economy is diverse and strong, with big industries in energy, healthcare, and technology. This makes it a great place for families looking for job opportunities.

Another reason why families choose Texas is its attractive public school systems. Texas has some of the best public schools in the United States with excellent curriculums, extracurricular activities, and resources. This makes it an ideal place to send kids to school.

What it’s Like to Live in Texas with Kids

There’s plenty to do in Texas for families with kids. The state is home to some of the country’s best amusement parks, such as Sea World, Six Flags, and SplashDown water parks. Austin, Houston, and Dallas also have a variety of museums, zoos, and aquariums. For outdoor enthusiasts, Texas offers a wealth of natural beauty and recreation areas. There are plenty of lakes, rivers and state parks where families can hike, swim or camp.

Another great thing about living in Texas with kids is the sense of community. Texans pride themselves on their tradition of being friendly and hospitable, so families are likely to feel welcome anywhere they go. There are also plenty of events and festivals that bring communities together, such as the Texas State Fair, rodeos, and music festivals.


Overall, Texas is a great place for families with both working parents and two kids. The low cost of living, strong job market, and attractive public school systems make it an ideal place to raise a family. The state’s diverse landscape offers families plenty of natural beauty, recreation areas, and amusement parks. With its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Texas is a great place to call home.

High Earning Potential in Texas

As of 2023, the median home cost in Texas is $357,800, which is relatively high compared to the required annual income before taxes of $98,267. The cost of child care is particularly notable, at $16,378 per year. This expense, along with other significant living costs such as housing and transportation, means that families in Texas will need to have a fairly high salary to cover their expenses and comfortably afford a median-priced home.

Texas, with its thriving economy and booming job market, is an attractive place for many to pursue their careers. The state offers a diverse range of occupations and industries, each with its own unique opportunities for growth and high earning potential.

According to the salary data provided for the year 2022, management occupations take the lead in terms of annual income. Among the highest-paying managerial positions are chief executives, with an average salary of $315,328, and marketing managers with an average salary of $139,276. Sales managers, computer and information systems managers, and financial managers are also among the top-paying management roles.

Though Texas may offer excellent salary potential, the high cost of living in some parts of the state may eat away at some of those earnings. However, the state’s overall cost of living remains largely affordable compared to other metropolitan areas. Texas has a favorable tax climate, with no state income tax, which allows residents to keep more of their earnings.

In addition to the managerial roles, specialized healthcare providers and technology professionals can earn high salaries. For instance, medical and health services managers earn an average salary of over $113,000. Data scientists, software developers, and computer programmers can also expect salaries that exceed $100,000 annually.

However, some other occupations may offer lower pay compared to the national average. These include maintenance and repair workers, healthcare support staff, and food service workers. Despite the lower pay, many of these positions are essential to the functioning of various industries, and individuals can still earn a living wage in these roles.

Overall, Texas has a wide range of job opportunities and high wage potential across various industries. Despite the high costs of living in some parts of the state, many workers can still earn good salaries while enjoying a favorable tax climate and affordable cost of living overall.

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