2023 Cost of Living in Mississippi for Singles: Living and Working

Living and Working in Mississippi

Cost of Living in Mississippi

Mississippi is an attractive destination for people who are looking for a lower cost of living. The state offers a unique blend of urban and rural areas, providing a slower-paced lifestyle that is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities.

The cost of living in Mississippi is considerably lower than in other states. On average, a single person with no kids can expect to spend around $1,400 to $1,500 per month on living expenses. This includes housing, utilities, transportation, food, and healthcare.

  • Housing: The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a rural area is around $600 per month, while in an urban area, it could go up to $850 per month. Homeownership is also affordable, with the average home price around $150,000.
  • Utilities: The cost of electricity and water is relatively low, with bills averaging around $90 to $100 per month.
  • Transportation: Owning a car is essential in rural areas, with gas prices lower than the national average at around $2.20 per gallon.
  • Food: Food expenses are relatively low, with a single person spending around $250 to $300 per month on groceries.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare costs in Mississippi are lower than in other states, though access to medical facilities may be limited in rural areas.

Exploring Mississippi’s Job Market

The economy of Mississippi has been gradually growing over the past few years, making it an attractive state for job seekers. Here are the top-paying jobs in Mississippi, which have salaries higher than the national average:

  • Sales Manager: Annual salary of $122,158.40.
  • Marketing Manager: Annual salary of $97,572.80.
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager: Annual salary of $110,884.80.

Despite the higher salaries, the cost of living in Mississippi is relatively low compared to the national average. While these top-paying jobs offer financial opportunities, it is essential to consider the state’s poverty rate of 19.8% (compared to the national average of 10.5%).

However, other factors such as lower housing prices and the lack of a state income tax can contribute to a comfortable lifestyle in Mississippi.

Exploring Mississippi’s Rich Culture and Lifestyle

Mississippi is a state located in the Southern region of the United States, known for its rich cultural heritage, unique cuisine, and vibrant music scene. The state played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement and is home to many historic sites and landmarks.

Living in Mississippi offers plenty of opportunities to explore its history and culture, as well as enjoy outdoor recreation activities like hiking, fishing, and hunting. The slower-paced lifestyle and friendly communities make it an attractive destination for those seeking a simpler and more enjoyable life.


In conclusion, Mississippi provides an affordable cost of living for single individuals with no kids. The state’s unique blend of urban and rural areas, rich history and culture, and slower-paced lifestyle make it an attractive destination for people who want to live a simple and enjoyable life.

While Mississippi offers higher salaries in certain management positions, it is crucial to consider the overall cost of living and the poverty rate. Research and consultation with a financial expert are advised to make informed decisions about employment prospects in the state.

Explore Mississippi’s vibrant culture, affordable lifestyle, and growing job market, and discover why it may be the perfect place for your next chapter.

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