Cost of Living in Texas 2023 for Single People: Affordability and Opportunities Await!

The Affordability and Opportunities of Living in Texas

Texas is a state known for its warm weather, friendly people, and big cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. It has also earned a reputation as an affordable place to live compared to other states in the US. But just how much does it cost to live in Texas as a single individual with no kids? Let’s take a closer look.

The Cost of Living in Texas

The average cost of living in Texas is lower than the national average, according to data from Numbeo. Housing is a significant expense for most residents in Texas, but it is still relatively affordable when compared to other states. A single person renting a one-bedroom apartment in a city like Dallas or Austin can expect to pay around $1,000 per month in rent. However, if you prefer to live outside the city, the rent can be as low as $750 per month.

Transportation is another expense to consider. Most people in Texas rely on their cars to get around, as public transportation is not as well developed as in other states. A gallon of gas in Texas is currently averaging around $2.50, which is slightly less than the national average. If you own a car, you can expect to pay around $100 per month for car insurance and around $150 per month for maintenance and repairs.

Food costs in Texas are similar to the rest of the country. Buying groceries and cooking at home is generally cheaper than eating out, but that depends on your lifestyle and food preferences. A single person can expect to spend around $300 to $400 per month on food in Texas.

Another expense to consider is healthcare. Texas has a lower healthcare cost when compared to other states, with an average monthly healthcare premium of around $300 per month. However, actual healthcare costs can vary depending on your lifestyle, age, and health status.

Living in Texas as a single person with no kids can be both exciting and affordable. There is plenty to do in Texas, whether that’s taking advantage of outdoor activities like hiking or enjoying the state’s unique cuisine. In addition, many people move to Texas to take advantage of its strong job market, including industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, and energy.

If you’re considering a move to Texas as a single person, there are a few things to keep in mind. Living in the city can be more expensive than living outside the city limits. If you want to save money, consider living in a smaller town or suburb. Also, it’s important to factor in the cost of transportation and healthcare when calculating your budget.

The Job Market and Highest-Paying Jobs in Texas

Overall, Texas offers an affordable cost of living for single individuals with no kids. It has a unique culture and a booming economy, making it an attractive place to live for people of all ages and backgrounds. Based on these numbers, the median home cost in Texas is quite high compared to the required annual income. In fact, the cost of housing alone is almost one-third of the required annual income before taxes. This could make homeownership difficult for some individuals or families, especially if they have other living expenses to take into account. The Lone Star State of Texas is known for its diverse economy, abundant natural resources, and booming industries such as oil and gas, healthcare, and technology. With its growing economy, it is no wonder that the state offers some of the highest-paid jobs in the country.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary of workers in Texas is $53,920. However, there are many occupations that command much higher salaries, making them among the best-paying jobs in the state.

First on the list of top-paying jobs in Texas are Chief Executives, who earn an average of $315,328 annually. This is followed by the Management Occupations category, which includes positions such as operations managers, human resource managers, and financial managers, among others, and commands an annual salary of $123,219.20.

Marketing Managers and Sales Managers take the third and fourth spots, respectively, with salaries of $139,276.80 and $134,097.60 per year. These roles are crucial for businesses looking to expand their reach in Texas and beyond.

Other highly-paid jobs in Texas include Computer and Information Systems Managers, Pharmacists, and Financial Analysts, who earn annual salaries of $147,420, $141,560, and $112,580, respectively.

However, while these high-paying jobs may seem enticing, it is important to consider the cost of living in Texas. The state’s cost of living is slightly below the national average, but it varies depending on the city or region. For instance, living in cities such as Austin or Houston can be more expensive than living in smaller towns.


Texas is a great state to consider for those seeking high-paying jobs, especially in management and business roles. However, it is crucial to take into account the cost of living and other factors before making any major career or relocation decisions. Texas offers an affordable cost of living, a vibrant job market, and a range of exciting opportunities for single individuals with no kids. From the warm weather and friendly people to the diverse economy and booming industries, Texas has something for everyone.

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