Georgia’s Low Cost of Living 2023: A Haven for Single People

Georgia: An Attractive State for Single Individuals

The Allure of Georgia

Located in the southeastern part of the United States, Georgia is a state that captivates individuals with its bustling cities, scenic landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. It appeals to people from all walks of life as a popular place to live.

For single individuals with no kids, Georgia becomes even more attractive due to its relatively low cost of living compared to other states in the country.

Economy and Job Market

One of the biggest draws of living in Georgia is its thriving economy. The state is home to vibrant industries, including aerospace, finance, and manufacturing. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Georgia’s unemployment rate was below the national average of 4.2% at 3.7% as of November 2021.

Affordable Living

Georgia offers a relatively low cost of living. While it varies depending on the city, the state as a whole remains affordable. For example, Atlanta, the capital, has a higher cost of living compared to other cities in Georgia. However, the housing costs in Georgia contribute significantly to the state’s affordability. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta is around $1,400 per month, while in cities like Savannah and Augusta, it’s around $1,000 per month. Outside of major cities, housing costs are even lower, providing more affordable living options.

Activities and Recreation

Georgia offers plenty of activities and events for single people to enjoy. Atlanta, the state’s capital, boasts a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants. The city also houses cultural attractions such as museums and theaters. Outside of Atlanta, Georgia’s parks and nature reserves provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Top Paying Jobs in Georgia: A Comparison with Cost of Living

When considering a well-paying job, it is essential to weigh the salaries against the cost of living. In Georgia, several occupations stand out as the highest paying, providing individuals with competitive salaries and a comfortable standard of living.

Management Occupations

Management professionals in Georgia, including executive managers, business development managers, and human resource managers, earn an average annual salary of $129,500.80.

Marketing Managers

With an average annual salary of $152,692.80, marketing managers are in high demand across industries, overseeing strategic initiatives and campaigns to drive business growth.

Financial Managers

Financial managers, responsible for a company’s financial health, earn an average annual salary of $165,713.60 in Georgia.

General and Operations Managers

General and operations managers ensure smooth business operations with an average annual salary of $119,204.80, working across various industries.

Software Developers

In Georgia’s thriving tech industry, software developers earn an average annual salary of $111,600.00, playing a critical role in designing and maintaining software applications.

Living Comfortably in Georgia

While these top-paying occupations offer attractive salaries, it’s important to consider the cost of living in Georgia. Housing, transportation, healthcare, and other factors impact the overall quality of life. Fortunately, Georgia is known for its relatively affordable living costs compared to other states, allowing individuals in these high-paying jobs to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.


Georgia presents a range of high-paying occupations that provide professionals with ample earning potential. Salaries associated with management, marketing, finance, and software development roles are among the highest in the state. Combined with the state’s affordability, individuals can live comfortably and enjoy a favorable standard of living. As Georgia continues to nurture its vibrant economy, more opportunities for high-paying jobs are likely to arise.


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