A Comprehensive Guide to Entry Level Jobs: Which Path is Right for You?

A Comprehensive Guide to Entry Level Jobs: Which Path is Right for You?

The following article comes from analysis of BLS data release in 2023. The transition from student life to professional life can be a daunting one. Often, one of the first steps involves finding an entry-level job to kickstart your career. But with so many choices, how do you decide which one is the best fit for you? Here, we break down a list of various entry-level jobs based on salary data to help guide you in your decision-making process.

Protective Service Occupations

  • Full-time : $24,627.20
  • Part-time : $27,830.40
  • Security Guards : Earning an average of $23,753.60 full-time and $23,878.40 part-time, this job offers the opportunity to develop discipline and security skills.
  • School Bus Monitors : Typically part-time positions, these roles are essential for ensuring the safety of children and come with an average salary of $23,462.40.

Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations

  • Full-time : $26,291.20
  • Part-time : $22,443.20
  • Roles such as Fast Food Workers , Waiters and Waitresses , and Dishwashers range from $21,985.60 to $26,436.80 annually for full-time positions. These jobs are great for building customer service skills and often come with additional perks like tips.

Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Full-time : $25,542.40
  • Part-time : $24,377.60
  • Janitors and Cleaners : With earnings of up to $26,228.80 full-time, these positions often provide consistent work and can lead to roles with more responsibility over time.
  • Landscaping and Groundskeeping : Offering salaries up to $28,412.80 for part-time roles, these positions are ideal for those who enjoy working outdoors.

Personal Care and Service Occupations

  • Full-time : $23,108.80
  • Part-time : $21,756.80
  • Roles like Childcare Workers or Animal Caretakers are typically part-time and offer salaries around $22,214.40. They’re excellent choices for those passionate about care roles.

Sales and Related Occupations

  • Full-time : $24,294.40
  • Part-time : $22,796.80
  • Positions such as Cashiers or Retail Salespersons teach essential sales and customer service skills, with earnings up to $24,481.60 for full-time roles.

Office and Administrative Support

  • Full-time : $28,059.20
  • Part-time : $21,715.20
  • These roles, including Receptionists and Office Clerks , are foundational in any company and provide skills that are transferable across industries.

Construction and Extraction Occupations

  • Full-time : $30,513.60
  • Part-time : $21,840.00
  • Construction Laborers , the highest earners in this list for full-time roles, make $33,612.80. These jobs often require physical endurance but come with higher pay.

Production Occupations

  • Full-time : $25,896.00
  • Part-time : $21,465.60
  • From Food Processing Workers to Metal Workers , these roles vary greatly but offer steady work, especially for full-time positions.

Transportation and Material Moving Occupations

  • Full-time : $27,892.80
  • Part-time : $27,331.20
  • Roles such as Parking Attendants , Cleaners of Vehicles , and Laborers offer salaries upwards of $27,000 for full-time roles, and they’re great for those who enjoy more active jobs.

In summary, there are a multitude of entry-level job options available across various industries, each offering its unique set of experiences and skills to be acquired. When choosing a role, it’s essential to consider not just the salary but also what you hope to learn from the job and how it aligns with your long-term career aspirations. Best of luck in your job hunt!