Examples of Helper Jobs

Examples of Helper Jobs

Helper jobs are found across various industries such as food production, metalworking, and automotive manufacturing. In food production, helpers assist with tasks such as cleaning food-processing equipment, loading and unloading food products, and preparing ingredients. In metalworking, helpers assist with tasks such as cleaning and maintaining equipment, loading and unloading materials, and providing support to technicians and operators. Similarly, in automotive manufacturing, helpers support the production line by performing duties such as moving materials, rotating stock, and helping with minor assembly work.

Education and Training

Becoming a Helper typically requires a high school diploma or equivalent, while on-the-job training and apprenticeships are often used to train new helpers. Workers may also need to attend training sessions to stay current on safety regulations and company policies.

Moving Up in the Field

Helpers who demonstrate a strong work ethic and a commitment to safety may advance to more senior manufacturing roles such as operators or technicians. Some companies offer training and certificate programs that can enhance a helper’s skills and allow them to take on more complex tasks.

How to Get Into the Field

To get started as a Helper, one can apply directly for job openings with manufacturing companies or staffing agencies. It’s also beneficial for job seekers to have some experience working with tools, machinery, and equipment. Being in good physical condition may be necessary for some Helper positions.


Helper jobs are essential entry-level positions in manufacturing settings across various industries. Although Helpers perform basic tasks, they play a critical role in enabling more senior staff to work effectively. Apprenticeships and on-the-job training programs are often used to train new Helpers, and opportunities for advancement exist for those who demonstrate strong work ethics and commitment to safety. Job seekers with some experience working with tools, machinery, and equipment and are in good physical condition are likely to have success applying for Helper positions.