Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers: Job Description and Requirements

Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers: Job Description and Requirements

Landscaping and groundskeeping workers are individuals who maintain outdoor areas such as parks, golf courses, and gardens. They are responsible for preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings by mowing lawns, trimming trees, and planting flowers. These professionals are necessary for the upkeep of any outdoor green spaces, and they perform a vital role in maintaining the visual appeal of the environment.

Examples of the Job

The duties of landscaping and groundskeeping workers can vary depending on the specific place of employment, but they typically include:

  • Planting shrubs, trees, and flowers
  • Trimming and mowing lawns
  • Watering plants and trees
  • Removing weeds and dead plants
  • Using tools such as saws, lawn tractors, and hedge trimmers

Education and Training Requirements

While there are no formal educational requirements for landscaping and groundskeeping workers, many employers prefer to hire individuals who have completed high school. Some employers may also require workers to have experience in the field or to hold a certification from a professional organization.

Career Progression

Advancement opportunities for landscaping and groundskeeping workers can vary depending on the employer. Some workers may progress to supervisory positions, while others may find opportunities for advancement within their current role. Continuing education and certification can also lead to career advancement.

Getting into the Field

If you’re interested in becoming a landscaping and groundskeeping worker, there are several ways to get started. Many workers enter the field through on-the-job training or apprenticeships. Other options include community college or vocational school programs, which can provide formal training in landscaping and horticulture. Additionally, individuals can gain practical experience by volunteering or interning at parks, gardens, or golf courses.

Geography Job Level Salary (Average) Salary (Median)
US National Average Level 01 $29,265.60 $26,707.20
US National Average Level 02 $34,132.80 $29,307.20
US National Average Level 03 $35,588.80 $32,406.40
US National Average Level 04 $39,748.80 $37,897.60
US National Average Level 05 $49,462.40 $46,654.40
US National Average Not able to be leveled $42,619.20 $36,004.80
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA Full-time, All levels $53,040.00 $40,435.20
West Northwestern Ohio nonmetropolitan area Part-time, All levels $24,689.60 $27,622.40

Landscaping and groundskeeping workers perform tasks such as mowing lawns, planting flowers and trees, and maintaining outdoor spaces. According to the salary data, the national average salary for this job ranges from $29,265.60 for entry-level workers to $49,462.40 for highly experienced workers. Unionized workers earn more, with an average salary of $50,190.40, while non-unionized workers earn an average of $35,942.40.

The job level plays a significant role in determining the salary, with workers at higher levels earning more. Full-time workers earn more than part-time workers, and those who cannot be leveled earn an average salary of $42,619.20.

Geography also plays a role in salary, with the New York-Newark-Jersey City region paying the highest salary for full-time workers at all levels, while the West Northwestern Ohio nonmetropolitan area pays the least for part-time workers at all levels.

As with many jobs, unionization can affect salaries. Unionized workers earn significantly more than non-unionized workers. However, some workers may prefer not to join a union, as it can affect their flexibility in terms of work hours and job duties.