Mechanical Door Repairers: A Guide to the Job, Education and Training Requirements

Mechanical Door Repairers: A Guide to the Job, Education and Training Requirements

If you’ve ever entered or exited a building, there’s a good chance that you’ve walked through a mechanical door. These doors are operated by a mechanical system that can sometimes malfunction due to wear and tear, leading to jams or other issues requiring repair. This is where mechanical door repairers come in – they’re the ones responsible for fixing these doors and ensuring they run smoothly.

What Does a Mechanical Door Repairer Do?

Mechanical door repairers typically work under the broader category of maintenance and repair workers. They are responsible for repairing and maintaining the mechanical components of automatic doors, such as sensors, motors, and control panels.

Some specific examples of the tasks a mechanical door repairer may need to do include:

  • Identifying and troubleshooting issues with door opening and closing mechanisms.
  • Replacing broken parts like belts, motors, and sensors.
  • Testing doors to ensure they operate properly after a repair.
  • Maintaining records of repairs and equipment.

Education and Training Requirements

To become a mechanical door repairer, you typically need a high school diploma or equivalent. However, some technical programs or trade schools offer certifications in door repair or building maintenance that may be beneficial. Additionally, you may choose to pursue an apprenticeship with an experienced repairer to gain more hands-on experience.

On-the-job training is also a crucial component of becoming a mechanical door repairer. Typically, repairers will start out doing simple tasks and gradually progress to more complex repairs as their experience grows. Many employers also provide additional training and advancement opportunities to their employees.

Getting into the Field

If you’re interested in becoming a mechanical door repairer but have no prior experience, there are a few steps you can take to start working towards this career:

  • Take vocational courses in mechanics, electronics, or hydraulics to gain a foundational understanding of the technical skills needed to repair doors.
  • Look for apprenticeship or mentorship programs offered by experienced mechanical door repair firms in your area, which can provide you with hands-on training and guidance.
  • Gain experience by working in a related field, such as electrical maintenance or construction, and develop your skills over time.
  • Get certified in a related field, such as HVAC repair or building maintenance, to increase your skills and make you a more attractive job candidate.

Mechanical door repairers play an important role in keeping buildings functional and safe. By pursuing the education and training opportunities available to you, you can become a skilled and in-demand repairer in this field.

Occupation: Mechanical Door Repairer

Mechanical Door Repairer is a profession that involves installing, adjusting, repairing, or maintaining various types of mechanical doors and windows. The job requires the ability to visually inspect and diagnose problems, and it may involve using hand and power tools to repair defective parts.

Job Level Data:

The job level for Mechanical Door Repairers is divided into three categories – Level 04, Level 05, and Not able to be leveled. These categories are based on different levels of skills and experience.

Salary Data:

The US national average salary for Mechanical Door Repairers is $40,040 for Level 04, $48,089.60 for Level 05, and $53,185.60 for workers who are not able to be leveled. The salary is influenced by various factors such as job level, union membership, and location.

Effects of Union:

Union membership can affect the pay rate of Mechanical Door Repairers. According to the data, nonunion workers earn an average of $47,195.20, while full-time workers earn an average of $49,067.20. However, it should be noted that union membership may also provide additional benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.


The salary data for Mechanical Door Repairers varies depending on location. Ohio is one of the best-paid states for this profession, with an average full-time salary of $48,152.00. On the other hand, the average time-based pay for Mechanical Door Repairers in Ohio is $46,675.20.

Data Table:

| Occupation | Job Level | Salary |
| Mechanical Door Repairers | Level 04 | $40,040.00 |
| Mechanical Door Repairers | Level 05 | $48,089.60 |
| Mechanical Door Repairers | Not able to be leveled | $53,185.60 |
| Mechanical Door Repairers | Nonunion | $47,195.20 |
| Mechanical Door Repairers | Full-time | $49,067.20 |
| Mechanical Door Repairers | Full-time Level 04 | $40,289.60 |
| Mechanical Door Repairers | Full-time Level 05 | $48,526.40 |
| Mechanical Door Repairers | Full-time | Not able to be leveled | $53,435.20 |
| Mechanical Door Repairers | Time-based pay | $47,673.60 |
| Ohio | Full-time | All levels | $48,152.00 |
| Ohio | Time-based pay | All levels | $46,675.20 |

Note: All the data above is in US dollars.