Parking Attendants: The Ins and Outs of the Occupation

Parking Attendants: The Ins and Outs of the Occupation

Parking attendants, also known as parking lot attendants, are responsible for ensuring that vehicles are parked and stored in designated areas. They work in various settings, including parking lots, garages, and other public or private parking facilities. Parking attendants are responsible for monitoring parking spaces and enforcing parking rules, as well as collecting fees from drivers who park in the facilities they manage.

Examples of Jobs

Parking attendants have a variety of roles within their jobs. Here are a few examples:

  • Monitoring parking lots and controlling traffic flow
  • Issuing citations for parking violations
  • Performing maintenance on parking equipment such as ticket machines and pay stations
  • Assisting drivers with parking, exit, and entry procedures
  • Providing customer service and assistance

Education and Training

Parking attendants typically do not require any formal education beyond a high school diploma or equivalent. However, some employers may prefer candidates with post-secondary education, particularly in business or a related field.

Training for parking attendants typically involves on-the-job training that provides instruction on the parking facility’s policies and procedures, payment processing, and software usage. Additionally, parking attendants must learn how to operate various types of parking equipment, such as ticket machines and parking barriers.

Progression and Advancement

Typically, new parking attendants will start at the entry-level and work their way up to more senior positions. Often, this will involve promotions or transfers to different locations within the same organization. As parking attendants gain experience and take on more responsibility, they may be promoted to supervisory or management roles, where they will be responsible for overseeing the operations of an entire parking facility.

How to Get Into the Field

If you are interested in becoming a parking attendant, there are several ways to get started. One option is to look for job openings with parking management companies, as well as public and private parking facilities such as airports, hospitals, and shopping centers. Often, these organizations will post job openings online, in local newspapers, or on job boards.

In addition to browsing job listings, you may want to consider networking with individuals who work in the industry or other professionals in the parking services field. This can provide you with insights into the industry and may make it easier to find job opportunities.

In Conclusion

Overall, parking attendants are essential to maintaining order and ensuring that drivers are parking in designated areas. For those interested in entering the occupation, there are a variety of opportunities to gain experience and progress within the field.

Salary Data for Parking Attendants

The occupation of parking attendants is categorized into different job levels based on the responsibilities and experience of the worker. The salary data for parking attendants varies based on various factors, including job level, unionization, and part-time/full-time status.

On average, a parking attendant in the US earns $32,136.00 annually at Level 01, $29,140.80 at Level 02, and $34,652.80 at Level 03. However, the salary differs based on unionization, with unionized parking attendants earning an average of $33,800.00, and non-unionized workers earning $30,388.80.

Full-time parking attendants make an average of $31,553.60, while part-time workers make $30,659.20. A time-based pay system is also in place, with all levels earning $31,200.00 annually.

Unionization affects the salary of parking attendants, as unionized workers have a higher average salary than non-unionized counterparts. Unionization also provides job security, as unions negotiate employment contracts and protect workers’ rights.

Based on geography, parking attendants in Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI, earn the highest average salary of $39,020.80, while parking attendants in South Carolina have the lowest average salary of $25,833.60.

Salary Data for Parking Attendants
Geography Unionization Job Level Salary (Avg) Salary (Median)
US National Average All Level 01 $32,136.00 $27,518.40
US National Average All Level 02 $29,140.80 $27,102.40
US National Average All Level 03 $34,652.80 $27,768.00
US National Average Union All $33,800.00 $37,148.80
US National Average Non-union All $30,388.80 $26,041.60
US National Average All Full-time $31,553.60 $29,910.40
US National Average All Full-time, Level 01 $31,969.60 $27,518.40
US National Average All Full-time, Level 02 $30,035.20 $30,388.80
US National Average All Full-time, Level 03 $34,507.20
US National Average All Part-time $30,659.20 $25,376.00
US National Average All Part-time, Level 01 $32,281.60 $27,497.60
US National Average All Part-time, Level 02 $28,350.40 $24,315.20
US National Average All Time-based pay $31,200.00 $27,892.80
Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI All Time-based pay $39,020.80 $29,827.20
South Carolina Non-union All $25,833.60 $24,003.20

Overall, salary data for parking attendants shows that there is potential for growth and advancement within the field, and that unionization can positively impact salaries and job security.