Skincare Specialists: Job Level and Salary Data

Skincare Specialists: The Importance of Skin Health in Today’s World

In today’s world, skin health has become a crucial aspect of overall health, and skincare specialists play a significant role in maintaining it. Skincare specialists offer a wide range of services, including skin analysis, customized treatments, and advice on how to take care of the skin. A skincare specialist may work in a spa, salon, or medical setting, catering to clients with different skin types and concerns.

What is a Skincare Specialist?

A skincare specialist is a professional who offers personalized skincare treatments to clients. There are different levels of skincare specialists, with each level requiring a different level of education and experience. A basic esthetician provides standard facial, hair removal, and makeup services, whereas a master esthetician carries out advanced skincare treatments like chemical peels and specialized facials.

Examples of Skincare Specialist Jobs

A career as a skincare specialist may involve working in various settings, including:

Spas and Salons: Skincare specialists may work in spas, salons, or beauty clinics, providing clients with a wide range of skincare treatments, such as facials, massages, and hair removal.

Medical Settings: Skincare specialists who have obtained advanced training may work in medical settings, such as dermatology clinics and plastic surgery practices, offering skincare services to patients who require specialized skincare treatments.

Product Development: Some skincare specialists may choose to work in product development for skincare brands, developing and testing new products, and providing expert advice on product formulations and efficacy.

Education and Training

To become a skincare specialist, you will need formal education and training. The requirements may vary depending on the state, but most skincare specialists complete a training program approved by the state board of cosmetology. The training program may last from 300 to 1000 hours, depending on the state’s regulations, and include classroom instruction and practical training.

After completing the training program, you will be required to pass a practical and written exam to obtain a license. If you want to become a master esthetician, you will need to complete additional training hours and pass a separate examination.

Progression and Getting Into the Field

To progress from a basic esthetician to a master esthetician, you will need to complete additional training and gain experience in the field. You can start by working in a spa or salon and gaining experience in providing treatments like facials, massages, and waxing. Once you have gained experience, you can enroll in an advanced training program to become a master esthetician.

If you are new to the field and want to become a skincare specialist, you can start by researching accredited training programs in your state. Several community colleges and technical schools offer esthetician training programs that can help you kick start your career.


Becoming a skincare specialist can be a fulfilling and lucrative career for those who have a passion for skin health and know their way around the skincare industry. With various opportunities, skincare specialists can work in different environments and even choose to develop their own skincare products. Overall, becoming a skincare specialist requires formal education, training, and experience to get a license and progress to a master esthetician.

Skincare Specialists: Job Level and Salary Data

Skincare specialists are professionals who are trained to assess and treat their clients’ skin. They work in beauty salons, clinics, spas, and other healthcare facilities. Below is a table showing the job level and salary data for skincare specialists:

Location Job Level Salary (Annual) Salary (Hourly)
US National Average Level 04 $38,854.40 N/A
US National Average Level 05 $45,177.60 $40,643.20
US National Average Entry $33,425.60 N/A
US National Average Nonunion $42,556.80 $37,668.80
US National Average Full-time, Level 04 $40,372.80 N/A
US National Average Full-time, Level 05 $44,512.00 $40,081.60
US National Average Full-time, Entry $35,963.20 N/A
US National Average Part-time, All levels $37,003.20 $33,446.40
US National Average Part-time, Level 04 $37,481.60 N/A
US National Average Time-based pay, All levels $47,257.60 $40,996.80
North Carolina Time-based pay, All levels $56,534.40 $45,988.80
South Carolina Nonunion, All levels $31,969.60 $34,278.40

As per the data, the average annual salary of skincare specialists at level 05 in the US National Average is $45,177.60. In North Carolina, they receive the highest average annual salary of $56,534.40, while in South Carolina, they receive the lowest average annual salary of $31,969.60.

Regarding unionization, non-union skincare specialists in the US National Average earn an average annual salary of $42,556.80, while no data is available for unionized professionals.