The Versatile World of Miscellaneous Construction and Related Workers

The Versatile World of Miscellaneous Construction and Related Workers

While the construction industry is booming, it goes beyond just frame work, electric and plumbing works. It covers a lot of miscellaneous works that don’t fit into any established trades. Hence the occupation of Miscellaneous construction and related workers.

What is Miscellaneous Construction and Related Workers?

Miscellaneous Construction and Related Workers make up the people who perform a range of tasks at construction sites, ensuring a smooth flow of activities. These workers typically work in entry-level positions and may advance to supervisory roles. The job description for miscellaneous construction and related workers varies based on the employer’s need, but their common tasks are:

  • Operate and maintain equipment
  • Assist bricklayers, carpenters, or other craft workers
  • Clean and prepare sites, dig trenches, set braces to support the sides of excavations, erect scaffolding, and clean up rubble, debris, and other waste materials
  • Help craft workers
  • Mix and pour concrete and asphalt to form basic structures such as sidewalks or curbs

Examples of that job

Among the different types of jobs that miscellaneous construction and related workers can get involved in are:

  • Laborers and helpers
  • Construction equipment operators
  • Construction trades helpers
  • Roofers
  • Masonry workers
  • Sheet metal workers
  • Glass and glazing workers
  • Insulation workers
  • Flooring installers and tile and marble setters
  • Drywall and ceiling tile installers, tapers, and plasterers

Education and Training

Unlike other jobs, becoming a miscellaneous construction and related worker involves on-the-job training, and different employers have different requirements for workers. However, most employers prefer to hire high school graduates and people who are physically fit. Before being hired, new employees receive safety training and orientation to the work environment. Some more specific training in operating tools and equipment may be provided on the job.

Progressing between Levels

The typical path to advance between levels starts as a laborer. Laborers are entry-level workers who perform heavy construction tasks and may eventually become skilled craftspeople after gaining experience and completing formal education. They’ll attend technical school or Vocational education after earning a high school diploma or an equivalent. After completing the training, they’ll receive a certificate of completion that indicates they’ve gained the necessary skills and knowledge to be hired as skilled workers.

Getting into Miscellaneous Construction and Related Workers Field as a Newbie

The best way to get into the miscellaneous construction and related workers field if you’re new is to start as an apprentice or helper. You can find these jobs through online job boards such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, or government job listings. To be successful as a new worker, you must be physically fit and ready to take on manual tasks. You must also be willing to learn new things and be a team player. With experience, you can progress in your career and become a skilled and valuable worker in the industry.

Based on the salary data provided, the average entry level salary for Miscellaneous Construction and Related Workers in the US is $41,080 per year. However, there are differences in salary depending on whether or not an employee belongs to a union.

Unionized Miscellaneous Construction and Related Workers in the US earn an average of $70,096 per year at all levels, which is significantly higher than the non-unionized workers’ average of $44,803.20 per year (all levels as well).

It is worth noting that even entry-level, full-time Miscellaneous Construction and Related Workers who belong to a union earn an average salary of $52,270.40 per year, which is higher than the national average for all full-time workers in the US.

Below is a data table summarizing the salary data for Miscellaneous Construction and Related Workers in the US:

| | Job Level | Unionization | Salary (Low) | Salary (High) |
| All | Entry | N/A | $41,080.00 | N/A |
| All | All | Unionized | $70,096.00 | $72,280.00 |
| All | All | Non-unionized| $44,803.20 | $40,040.00 |
| Full-time | N/A | Non-unionized| $52,270.40 | $54,641.60 |
| Full-time | Entry | Unionized | $41,579.20 | N/A |

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Miscellaneous Construction and Related Workers in San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA are the highest paid in this occupation, earning an average of $62,320 per year. On the other hand, those working in Fayetteville, NC earn the lowest average salary for this occupation, at $26,290 per year.

Overall, unionization seems to have a significant impact on the salaries of Miscellaneous Construction and Related Workers, with unionized workers earning significantly higher salaries than those who don’t belong to a union. It is important to note that salaries may also vary depending on the specific type of work performed and the employer.