Word Processors and Typists: What You Need to Know

Word Processors and Typists: What You Need to Know

Word processors and typists are administrative professionals responsible for performing tasks such as creating, editing, and organizing documents, data entry, and knowledge of various software programs. In this article, we covered what it means to be a word processor and typist, what the job entails, how education and training can help, and how to get started in this field.

What is a Word Processor and Typist?

A word processor and typist is someone who creates documents, edits them, proofreads manuscripts, and organizes files. They work in different industries, including financial institutions, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Examples of the Job

A word processor and typist’s day may involve a variety of tasks such as typing reports, transcribing dictations, editing files for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, data entry, converting documents from one format to another, and maintaining files/ records.

Education and Training

Although a high school diploma or equivalent may suffice, employers may require a minimum typing speed of 60 words per minute and experience with software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Vocational schools and community colleges offer courses in keyboarding, word processing, and computer applications. On-the-job training is also possible for new hires willing to learn and show potential.

Progression in the Field

A word processor and typist’s career can progress by gaining experience and proficiency in software programs, office procedures, and becoming an administrative assistant, data entry clerk, executive assistant, transcriptionist or court reporter.

Getting Started in the Field

To begin a career as a word processor and typist, one can improve typing speed and accuracy, take courses in keyboarding and computer applications, learn various software programs, gain experience by volunteering or taking entry-level administrative roles, and look for job openings on job boards or through temp agencies.

Salary Data for Word Processors and Typists

Word processors and typists in the US National Average earn an average salary of $35,921.60 at Level 03 and $47,132.80 at Level 04. Those at Level 05 have an average salary of $47,507.20. Entry-level workers earn an average of $39,707.20 while experienced workers earn an average of $48,297.60. Unionized workers at all levels have an average salary of $47,507.20, while non-unionized workers have an average salary of $40,643.20. Full-time word processors and typists earn an average of $44,990.40, with those at Level 04 earning $47,153.60, and those at Level 05 earning $46,467.20. Those in New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA earn the highest average salary for this role at $51,438.40, while those in Binghamton, NY earn the lowest average salary at $33,737.60.

Unionization seems to affect word processors and typists’ average wage, but the extent to which it influences wages is inconclusive based on the data.