Oregon: The 2023 Cost of Living for a Working Family with Kids – A State with a Thriving Economy.

Oregon: A Family-Friendly State with a Thriving Economy

The Cost of Living in Oregon

Oregon has long been a sought-after destination for families, thanks to its breathtaking natural landscapes, thriving economy, and active communities. When considering a move to Oregon, the cost of living is a crucial factor for families to evaluate. Various factors impact the cost of living in Oregon, including location, transportation, food, healthcare, and housing.

According to data from Numbeo, the average monthly expenses for a family of four in Portland, Oregon, is approximately $5,219.76. This estimate includes housing costs of $1,114.76 for a typical four-bedroom apartment in the city center, $811.47 for groceries, $475.53 for transportation, $535.29 for utilities, $672.94 for healthcare, and $1,610.77 for miscellaneous expenses such as entertainment, clothing, and personal care.

While these costs may be relatively higher compared to some parts of the United States, they are comparable to other metropolitan areas like Seattle and San Francisco. However, living in Oregon also comes with certain affordability advantages. For instance, Oregon does not impose a state sales tax, saving families a significant amount of money while shopping for essentials. Moreover, the state offers tax incentives, including a child and dependent care credit, which can help working parents offset childcare costs.

A Family-Friendly Environment in Oregon

Beyond the cost of living, Oregon provides numerous benefits as a family-friendly state. Its stunning natural landscapes, ranging from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Mountains, offer limitless outdoor recreation opportunities for families. Oregon is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts, skiers, surfers, and boaters.

Education is also a priority in Oregon, with the state ranking 22nd for the overall quality of its K-12 public schools. Families can rest assured that their children will have access to top-tier education in this state.

Moreover, Oregon’s cities and towns offer various amenities such as excellent healthcare services, vibrant downtown districts, and internationally recognized culinary and arts scenes. The state’s robust economy provides working parents with ample opportunities for career advancement in industries like software development, healthcare, and education.

Exploring the Top-Paying Jobs in Oregon

Oregon’s economy has experienced steady growth over the years, offering a range of job opportunities. Here, we delve into the top-paying jobs in the state and how they align with Oregon’s standard of living.

According to salary data, management occupations are the highest paying jobs in Oregon, with an average annual income of $114,899.20 in 2022. General and operations managers follow closely behind, earning an average of $106,787.20 per year. Sales managers secure the third position, with an average annual salary of $134,035.20. Financial managers rank fourth, earning an average annual salary of $150,467.20. It is evident that management positions dominate the list of high-paying jobs in Oregon.

These lucrative positions come hand-in-hand with a relatively high cost of living, as Oregon’s index stands at around 114.6, exceeding the national average. However, the state provides a balanced standard of living with excellent work-life balance, quality healthcare facilities, and low unemployment rates.

In addition to management occupations, other well-paying jobs in Oregon include healthcare professionals like surgeons and physicians, given the increasing demand for quality healthcare services. The tech industry also offers excellent opportunities, particularly for tech managers, developers, and engineers.

Moreover, the renewable energy industry, especially the solar and wind sectors, provides rewarding jobs that contribute to Oregon’s sustainable economy.


Oregon offers an abundance of opportunities and advantages for families and professionals alike. While the cost of living may be higher compared to some regions, the state’s remarkable natural beauty, quality education, and numerous amenities make it an ideal place to raise a family. Additionally, Oregon’s thriving economy and well-paying jobs ensure professionals can achieve career growth and financial stability while enjoying a high standard of living. Before making the move to Oregon, it is essential to conduct thorough research into the specific expenses involved and determine if it aligns with your family’s needs and aspirations.

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