Pennsylvania’s Cost of Living in 2023: A Family Guide for Working Parents

Living and Working in Pennsylvania: A Family-Friendly State


As a family with both working parents and two kids, the cost of living is a critical consideration when choosing a place to call home. Pennsylvania has been a popular choice for many families due to its strong sense of community, diversity, and rich history. But how affordable is life in Pennsylvania for a family?

Affordable Housing

One of the biggest expenses for any family is housing, and Pennsylvania doesn’t disappoint in this regard. With a median home value of $179,300, it’s relatively affordable compared to some of the other states along the East Coast. However, prices can vary depending on the city you choose to reside in. For instance, Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania, has a relatively high cost of living compared to smaller cities and towns.

Job Opportunities

In addition to housing, Pennsylvania’s diverse economy means that job opportunities are available across multiple industries. This means that both parents are more likely to secure steady employment, which is crucial, especially if you plan on starting or expanding your family. The state also has a relatively low unemployment rate of 6.8%.

Childcare and Education

One of the most significant expenses for families is childcare, and Pennsylvania’s average annual cost of childcare for an infant can range from $13,000 to $16,000 depending on your location. However, income-based subsidies can help reduce this cost for low-income families. Pennsylvania boasts a range of highly rated public and private schools, and the state also provides access to more than 300 colleges and universities, including Penn State, Carnegie Mellon, and Villanova.

Leisure Activities and Sense of Community

When it comes to leisure activities, Pennsylvania has something for everyone. From the bustling cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to the picturesque mountains and valleys in the state’s western half, there are plenty of activities to keep kids engaged and entertained. With numerous hiking trails, state parks, museums, and amusement parks, it’s easy to find activities that cater to the whole family. Pennsylvania is also a great place to raise children because of its sense of community and strong family values. Families who move to Pennsylvania can benefit from a welcoming community and a state with a vibrant cultural scene that caters to families’ needs. This supportive environment makes it easier for families, especially new parents, to get by when raising a family.

High-Paying Jobs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state located in the northeastern region of the United States. As with many states, there are a variety of jobs available in the Keystone State. But which occupations are the highest paying and offer the best standard of living?

According to recent salary data, management occupations top the list of highest paying jobs in Pennsylvania with an average annual salary of $128,273.60. This includes positions such as financial managers, human resources managers, and operations managers. These highly skilled professionals are responsible for leading and managing organizations towards success.

Following closely behind are general and operations managers with an average annual salary of $124,155.20. These professionals are responsible for overseeing an organization’s daily activities and ensuring that its operations run smoothly.

Marketing managers, responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies, earn an average of $132,558.40 per year. Sales managers, on the other hand, who oversee a company’s sales force and develop sales plans, earn an average of $136,156.80 per year.

Other high-paying occupations in Pennsylvania include computer and information systems managers, lawyers, and pharmacists. These positions require advanced education and experience, but offer a promising career path for those who pursue them.

Considering Cost of Living

But it’s not just about high salaries when it comes to standard of living. It’s important to compare a job’s salary to the cost of living in a particular area. According to recent data, Pennsylvania’s cost of living is about 1% below the national average, making it an attractive state for those seeking affordable housing, healthcare, and goods and services.

Therefore, while jobs such as software developers and managers may offer high salaries, their cost of living is often higher, making it more difficult to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. This is why it’s important to consider a job’s average salary alongside other factors such as location, benefits, and quality of life.


In conclusion, Pennsylvania offers a variety of high paying jobs in management, marketing, sales, law, and healthcare. While these jobs may require advanced education and experience, they also offer promising career paths and a comfortable standard of living thanks to the state’s affordable cost of living. With steady job prospects, accessible education, and numerous leisure activities, Pennsylvania offers a fantastic quality of life that families will appreciate. The state’s welcoming community, sense of togetherness, and strong family values make it a great place to call home.

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